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Masonry (render, bagging, brick, concrete/tilt-up)

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Exterior / Exterior Walls / Masonry (render, bagging, brick, concrete/tilt-up)

Please note: These suggestions include products suitable for new unpainted surfaces as well as previously painted surfaces. These suggestions do not take into account condition of substrate. Please refer to Product Specification Sheets for detailed information about surface preparation and product application. Undercoats or primers may be required prior to painting, and some products can only be applied to bare unpainted surfaces.

Please find below a list of paints that would suit your purpose:

Boncote Cement Paint

Made in Australia since 1920, Boncote is a highly durable cement-based protective coating that “cross-links” with existing masonry to weatherproof, colour, protect and beautify.


Porter's Eggshell Acrylic is a premium quality acrylic paint that gives walls and other surfaces a low reflective finish with a subtle, natural lustre.

Industrial Lustre

Industrial Lustre creates a rich shimmer on all interior and exterior surfaces with an intriguing glitter effect created by the addition of Micaceous Iron Oxide.

Lime Wash

Porter’s Original Lime Wash is a unique lime based coating blended with natural pigments that creates a soft weathered patina.

Liquid Copper & Patina Green

Porter’s Liquid Copper & Patina Green are used together to recreate copper with the green patination of age.

Liquid Iron & Instant Rust

Create an authentic rusted iron effect on any paintable surface with Porter’s Liquid Iron and Instant Rust.

Low Sheen

Porter's Low Sheen Acrylic is a premium quality low VOC acrylic paint. Perfect for high traffic areas and wood work.

Mineral Paint

Porter’s Mineral Paint is a premium silicate paint providing unparalleled colourfastness and durability. Designed to be painted onto render and other unpainted masonry surfaces.

Stone Paint - Coarse and Fine

For a textured exterior finish use Porter's Stone Paint to provide performance with a uniform colour that does not fade, age or streak.


Porter’s Toughcote is a tough, water-based acrylic polymer textured membrane coating for the protection and decoration of exterior walls.

Ultra Flat

Porter's Ultra Flat Acrylic is a superb quality ultra matt acrylic paint that is designed to give a long lasting elegant finish with superior coverage.