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By choosing a Porter’s Original paint you will discover the unique characteristics of their beauty.

About Porter's Originals

Natural and historic paints made by traditional methods and using original formulations, creating beautiful finishes and textures, without sacrificing durability.

These traditional style paints and finishes, often made with historic recipes, have endured the test of time.

From the rugged durability of Mineral Paint, to the velvety soft texture of Distemper, these paints allow walls to “breathe”.

Wherever possible, these finishes have been carefully coloured using expertly blended UV resistant powdered iron oxide pigments.

This range of paints starts with the simplest of paints, Milk Paint, which is made with a historic recipe and contains simple, natural products.

At the other end of the scale is Porter's Mineral Paint, our "Rolls Royce" of paints, mineral silicate based, that "petrifies" onto the surface and is renowned for it's longevity.

Porter's Paints history is intrinsically connected to Lime Wash. This is the first product that Porter's made, creating a beautiful Mediterranean style wash finish from slaked lime and natural pigments, mellowing with time before naturally wearing away.

If you require a paint completely free of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) choose from Boncote Cement Paint, Lime Wash, Interno Lime Wash or Milk Paint.