The beauty of ancient bronze is now available for broad wall areas, door frames, architectural moldings, garden pots and ornaments with Porter's Liquid Bronze.

Dries naturally into a matt mid brown, but the authentically beautiful patina of real bronze is only truly revealed when Liquid Bronze is lightly burnished and treated with Bronze Verdigris. Liquid Bronze is available in one colour only, a matt mid brown.

Bronze Verdigris creates a patination that is predominantly blue green, but can vary through shades of greens, browns, blues and even lighter areas.

Add a note of lasting value with the splendor and richness of a verdigris finish.

Features & Benefits

Burnishing or polishing the finish after the application of the Bronze Verdigris is optional, and will create a subtle change in the final finish, where a slight shine is visible through the verdigris. Water wash up.

Suggested Applications

Can be applied to most suitably prepared plasterboard, plaster, wood, masonry, metal and previously painted surfaces.

Perfect for broad wall areas, door frames, window frames, picture frames, architectural moldings, and for architectural sculptures, public artworks, garden pots, tubs and ornaments.


Liquid Bronze covers approximately 10m² per litre, depending upon porosity, surface texture and wastage rates. Porter’s Bronze Verdigris covers approximately 10m² per litre.


Porter’s Liquid Bronze is available in 500ml and 1L sizes. Porter’s Bronze Verdigris is available in 500ml.

Exterior durability

Used to stunning effect here by garden designer Paul Bangay.

Paul Bangay Garden Design

The perfect foil for foliage

Liquid Bronze is a strong design element in gardens.

Paul Bangay Garden Design