Porter’s Fresco is a hard wearing finish designed to replicate the cool lustre of the trowelled plaster walls of ancient European buildings.

Porter’s Fresco gives an elegance, depth, originality and sophistication to any wall, and when sanded and polished with Porter’s Stucco Wax, its rich lustre reflects light like fine marble.

For residential projects Fresco is used on entire broad wall areas, or as a highlighted feature wall or chimney breast. Commercially, it is widely used in foyers, reception areas, restaurants and concert halls.

Features & Benefits

Apply with a trowel. Sets exceptionally hard. Sand smooth or an incredible marble-like finish and seal/polish with Porter’s Stucco Wax. Water wash up.

Suggested Applications

Interior. Can be applied to most suitably prepared plasterboard, plaster, wood, masonry and previously painted surfaces.




Not suitable for exteriors.

Apply with



Porter’s Fresco covers approximately 3m² for the base coat, and up to 10m² per kg for subsequent skim coats. Stucco Wax covers approximately 10-12m² per kg.


Fresco available in 1kg, 4kgs, 10kgs and 20kgs. Stucco Wax available in 850g and 3.3kgs.


Detailed Product/Application Information and Safety Data Sheets