Industrial Lustre creates a rich shimmer on all interior and exterior surfaces with an intriguing glitter effect created by the addition of Micaceous Iron Oxide.

Excellent protective qualities make this paint perfect for gates, fences, trim, garage doors etc as well as broad wall areas. Our version of the paint used on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but water based instead of solvent based.

Features & Benefits

Excellent protective qualities created by Micaceous Iron Oxide. The ‘fish scale’ properties of this paint, whilst providing protection and durability, also make the paint subject to scuffing and scratch marks.

These marks are normal for this type of paint, and on exteriors soon disappear (due to natural weathering and self-cleaning). Marks do not affect performance, but it is for this reason we suggest Industrial Lustre performs at its best on exterior surfaces.

Water wash up.

Suggested Applications

Exterior or interior. Can be applied to most suitably prepared plasterboard, plaster,
wood, masonry and previously painted surfaces, and is especially suitable for gates, fences, trim, garage doors etc.





Apply with

Synthetic brush, Roller


Approximately 12m² per litre.


Industrial Lustre available in 1 litre and 4 litres.


Detailed Product/Application Information and Safety Data Sheets

Melbourne artist Stephanie Jane Rampton

Stephanie knew she needed a treatment for her converted warehouse’s original furnace. Industrial Lustre was chosen for its matte metallic look and exterior durability, and eventually carried throughout all the interior steel surfaces for definition and continuity.

Photos: Andrew Li

Stephanie Jane Rampton

Designed especially for ferrous surfaces, Industrial Lustre was chosen to protect, honour and beautify the original steel features of the converted warehouse space.

Stephanie's studio loft

Featuring Porter's Naturel French Oak Flooring