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Porter’s Original Lime Wash is Australia's best known exterior lime wash.

It creates a soft weathered patina reminiscent of the wonderful finishes on the buildings of Tuscany, Portofino and other regions throughout the Mediterranean.

Porter’s uses slaked and aged lime to give this finish its ageless beauty. It is a truly wonderful material that mellows gradually while it wears away. Lime Wash also has hygienic properties and acts as a mild fungicide due to its high pH.

Features & Benefits

Low odour and Very Low VOC. Lime Wash is non film forming, allows walling to ‘breathe’ and does not crack, peel or flake (provided render has no hairline cracking or efflourescence). Resists mould and airborne pollutant pickup.

Coloured with UV resistant colourants. During the lifespan of the product colour variations will continue and the streaking may appear more prominent around moldings, window/door trim and other architectural elements.

Colour variations will appear more noticeable in deeper colours. Lime Wash remains soft and gradually washes away over a period of 10 to 12 years. Water wash up.

Suggested Applications

Exterior (for interiors, use Interno Lime Wash). Can be applied to cement render, bagged brickwork, concrete, masonry blocks, unglazed bricks, mud brick, sandstone, off-form concrete, tilt-up concrete panels and most absorbent building stones. Perfect for painting cement and terracotta pots and tubs.

Modern painting methods and expectations that this product performs like modern day technology must be put aside. Choose a painter who is highly skilled and has a thorough knowledge of the performance and limitations of this product, and above all else, all users need to read the Specification Sheet carefully and ask questions when unsure.


Not suitable for interiors.



Apply with

Lime Wash / specialty brush


Approximately 8m² per litre.


Lime Wash is available in 1 litre, 4 litres and 15 litres.


Detailed Product/Application Information and Safety Data Sheets

The Grounds at Sculptures by the Sea

A custom made colour on the walls, with Liquid Copper & Patina Green on gates and trims.

The Grounds Alexandria

The Grounds pop up cafe

Lime Wash instantly gives an established feel to new buildings

The Grounds Alexandria