The beauty of Porter's Smooth Impasto is hard to match - it has a softness of texture and a depth of colour that gives walls a sophisticated, natural finish.

It is characterised by a lack of uniformity, a distinct layering of pigment, and subtle but visible brush marks that are harmonious as a whole. The very matt, non-reflective sheen level is easy on the eye and the super smooth texture is a pleasure to touch.

Smooth, velvety and beautifully opaque, this finish creates a sense of depth and gives walls a unique natural character, which enables styling to be pared back and creates a beautiful background for fabric, leather and other interior design elements.

Smooth Impasto has been developed for its acceptance to pigment, and for this reason we have been inspired to create a range of 44 new sumptuous, rich and compelling colours for interiors.

Can be protected and made wipeable with a protective application of Porter’s Matt Wall Sealer.

Features & Benefits

Wide range of colours available - can be custom tinted.
Easy to use and water wash up.

Suggested Applications

Interior. Can be applied to most suitably prepared plasterboard, plaster, masonry and previously painted surfaces.




Not suitable for exteriors.

Apply with

Lime Wash / specialty brush, Roller


Approximately 10m² per litre, depending upon surface porosity.


Available in 2 litre, 4 litres and 10 litres.


Detailed Product/Application Information and Safety Data Sheets

Beach Grass

A calming green-grey that still offers warmth at the cool end of the spectrum.

Earth tones reimagined

Earth tones don't need to be neutral - dive into the rich russett of Grenache.


As green as it gets - the complexity of this colour and the clever layering of tints ensures that this incredible colour will not dominate, but will be a beautiful backdrop, as it should be.