A Royal Renovation for the Princess Theatre, Melbourne

Sarah Geha

May 07, 2021

The extensive conservation and reinstatement works to the exuberant façade of Melbourne’s Princess Theatre have recently been revealed; featuring Porter’s Mineral Paint and AquaGILD Exterior Gold. Another feat by architects, Lovell Chen.


Paint Fit For A Princess

Masonry substrates have been taken back to bare & repaired before being repainted with Porter’s Mineral Paint. Mineral Silicate technology is often favoured in commercial restoration projects for its combination of breathability, colourfastness, aesthetic and longevity. Guaranteed for 25 years, with an expected life span of 30 years plus, this finish truly is the "Rolls Royce" of exterior paints.


Golden Glow

Ornamental elements of the façade have been reinstated to their gleaming glory using a combination of AquaGILD Exterior Gold and soon-to-be-released AquaGILD Exterior Silver. An ideal solution for both commercial and multi-residential projects, AquaGILD offers a brilliant aesthetic with durability and performance.

The 1886 building is Melbourne's oldest theatre. The colours for the exterior have been restored to the buildings 1922 colour scheme. Wearing a coat of Porter's Mineral Paint, The Princess Theatre will now be dressed in her best for many an opening night to come. With just the right amount of bling.