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Chic Mediterranean vibes at The Cross Project, Cronulla

Sarah Geha

Oct 29, 2021

The Crossling family have created an idyllic coastal sanctuary for their family home in Sydney's South. Porter's Stone Paint Fine has been applied to the exterior walls in colour 'Half Old Church White' to help bring to life those dreamy white Mediterranean vibes. 


"I really wanted a colour that was timeless and provided softness visually as there is a lot of white on the exterior. It needed to feel inviting." Explains owner Kerry Crossling. 

"Half Old Church White was selected after lots of testing because we were after a warm white that complimented the other finishes."

The beautiful curves and finish of the exterior together create a striking feature.

"The rendered walls have a unique textural finish, Stone Paint Fine allowed this feature of the build to sing." says Kerry.

Stone Paint Fine contains particles of marble dust to create an ultra flat texture. A durable finish resistant to scratches and knocks. Dirt resistant with low odour.


The 'Old Church White' exterior is complimented with earthy terracotta & limestone, pale timber and the natural landscape.