Palm Beach Black Delivers the Drama at Slow Beam, Hobart

Sarah Geha

May 07, 2021

Refreshingly unique, Slow Beam delights with unexpected design and stunning scenery, resting in the West Hobart hills in Tasmania. With it's dark stained interiors and exterior, the house has a striking presence. Owner, Lauren Bamford gives us an insight into the selection of Porter's Palm Beach Black for the property. 



Moody & Dramatic

"We wanted a moody and dramatic interior, which we were able to execute through Sarah Trotter of Hearth Studio's idea to do plywood panelling with a black stain" says Lauren

Photograph: Emily Weaving


Creative Application

The shared vision of both client and architect has brought stunning results. 

The Palm Beach Black stained ply interiors draw the eye outward as carefully selected views are framed by the windows.

Photograph: Lauren Bramford




Dreamy Results

Porter's Palm Beach Black was the perfect solution for Slow Beam. 

"We had looked at some stains the builder sourced, but we weren't satisfied with them. I decided to visit the Porter's store on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy in Melbourne.  I was sent home with a sample of Palm Beach Black, which we tested on some ply, and also on the ash cladding for the exterior. It was exactly what we had been looking for."

Photograph: Lauren Bamford

Seamless Continuity

With both the exterior and interior painted exclusively with Palm Beach Black, the continuity is seamless as you move from the outside in. 

Made with UV resistant pigments, Palm Beach Black offers flexibility with where it's applied. 

Photograph: Lauren Bamford

Clever Design

Beautifully curated, every element of Slow Beam has been considered. Hearth Studio and Lauren worked closely with a range of Australian makers, designers and artists. The Property also proudly showcases art and furniture from Australia and around the world. 

"We are thrilled with the results throughout the house" says Lauren. 

Photograph: Lauren Bamford

Artwork: Ali McCann

The Slow Beam Experience

Purpose built as luxury accommodation, this property is set to leave a lasting impression on the many lucky guests fortunate enough to enjoy a stay at Slow Beam. 

Photograph: Lauren Bramford

Consisting of two linked timber clad pavilions coated in Palm Beach Black. The property looks over the Derwent River and rooftops of central Hobart.

Photograph: Emily Weaving