Shifting Colour for Jardan's Sydney Flagship

Clare Scanlan

May 07, 2021

Le Corbusier's philosophy and palette inspired If Architecture's founder, Iva Foschia, to explore colour as a way to shift mood and define form in Jardan's Sydney Flagship in Paddington. Porter's colourists were entrusted with a precious copy of Le Corbusier's colour collection, and painstakingly matched each colour by eye to realise the wonderfully nuanced palette Iva envisioned.

Millions of Peaches

Two different shades of peach were selected, matched and hand-crafted in Porter's Eggshell Acrylic to define different planes of the incredible staircase that rises through the centre of the showroom. A third, lighter shade of peach was used to echo the structure in the downstairs space. Porter's unique pigments were layered into each formula by expert colourists to achieve an unrivaled complexity of colour that shifts and mutates in changing light. This unique feature of Porter's colour adds an extra element to the already incredible scheme and means the tones are at once vibrant and earthy, electric yet soft. 

Deep Tones & Timber

Rather than gallery white, a luscious green was chosen from Le Corbusier's palette as the backdrop to Jardan's exquisite furniture and artwork. Since deep colours recede and cool colours contrast with the golden warmth of timber, it's no accident that this vibrant emerald looks so beautiful in the space.

A Sense of Place and Space

Sydney's seasonal light was another inspiration for the bold colour scheme expertly utilised to showcase Jardan's sleek and textural wares. This green is at once the colour of native foliage and the summer ocean, but most importantly the ultimate foil to mid-tone timber and that fabulous peach.

Expansive Colour

When a room is light-filled or spacious rich colour often extends and enhances those elements, rather than limiting them. IF Architecture understood the sheer power of colour to not only decorate but reshape the experience of a space. In Jardan Furniture's Paddington showroom colour is a building material, cocooning and inspiring the viewer whilst elevating the contents of the space to objets d'art.